Sunday, April 8, 2018

Housekeeping: All Pages Updated


Quick housekeeping note:  All pages have been updated to 3/31/2018 excluding the dividend page. Not much going on - no recent investments to Vanguard but monthly savings continues.


Friday, March 30, 2018

Links for the weekend - the healthy edition

More from Kiplinger (dated but still good)!  Have a nice holiday weekend if you are celebrating Easter or Passover.

Exercise Your Brain to Improve Memory in Retirement

Money Smart Ways to Eat Healthy

Healthy Habits That Will Save You Money

Happy reading!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Links for the week

Some links to read this week sourced from Kiplinger.  

Remember, these links are written by financial advisors who ultimately are always trying to sell something (including their services).  Read and enjoy but always with a grain of salt and willingness to educate yourself some more before diving in.

The Biggest Risk Retirees Face Right Now
This one was very interesting to me but also made me think that we can do the best possible and still have an unhappy ending.  Nice huh?!  So much to think about regarding investing but all you can do is keep reading/learning and keep putting money into investments.

What Everybody Needs to Know About Investment Fees

Oil Prices Buffeted by Global Supply Concerns
Good to keep abreast of economic information/forecasts even if they are never 100% accurate

Do You See a Market Cliff Approaching?
*I disagree with the initial tone of this article.  Yes the market goes up and down but it does so usually for a reason (especially when there is a precipitous drop).  The most recent drop is because of fears of a trade war - fears which are warranted.  While there is some good info in this article (like don't react impulsively!) this is exactly the type that I say read with a large grain of salt.  Understand why the market is moving for significant changes and also let that inform your decisions.

Happy Reading!