Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rewire in 10 - LAUNCH!

Hello and welcome!

After having a personal life blog for a few years (and going through some ups and downs including taking that blog private), I decided that I wanted a separate blog to help me focus on a few specific financial goals.  (Note, I'm not a financial adviser - just an individual trying to survive (and possibly thrive) in this wonderful world we live in.)

The gist:  I want to achieve these financial goals in 10 years.  In ten years, I will rewire (not retire!) and head off in a very different direction.  That direction will hopefully include me leaving a very stressful industry/career behind and finding something that I enjoy doing (with reasonable work hours).  

I won't be blogging about all my financial goals.  You don't need to necessarily know that I added money to my retirement accounts (401k+IRA) even if I did (and I do!).  Nope, this is about achieving very specific goals that will get me to a point where rewiring of my life can take place.

The most likely plan is that in 10 years (assuming I have accomplished these goals), I would work for another 1-2 years in my current field purely to bank the money.  In addition, those 1-2 years may also be the time where I go back to school to change careers- using my current field's salary to pay for that education.  

The 10 year mark is a bit fuzzy because's 10 years out.  I am flexible with my life happens!  Needless to say, assuming I keep this blog for 10 years (that's the hope!), then my goals may change as my life changes.  But the crux of this blog is going to be building up certain reserves (cash, stocks) and paying down debt (mortgage!) in order to have the freedom to head off in a different direction.

In order to keep these initial posts somewhat short (and organized), I will post several over the next couple of days.  And then we are off to the horses!

If you made it this far - GREAT!  I hope you will join me on this adventure.  Positive comments are always welcome!

Here's to a great 2016 and achieving my/your financial goals!