Thursday, October 27, 2016

Budgeting and looking ahead

It's that time again!  With November just around the corner, I am starting to look towards the end of the year and the beginning of 2017.  This can mean only one thing - budgeting!!!

I like to budget and I'm not ashamed to say so ;-)

Budgeting, or just planning, is a wonderfully reflective activity.  It lets you look to the past, present and future.

I do not expect my financial goals to change much in 2017 - no it's pretty much staying the course.  As I mentioned in my last post, the contributions to savings accounts need to increase.  But I also want to keep the pressure on investing and mortgage over-payment.  That is pretty much it since I do not think that I can take on anything else.  (Well...we'll see...but right now I don't think I can!)

Stay tuned!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Investment Pivot - Buying shares :-)

Well I wasn't planning to purchase anything this month but I changed my mind.  If I'm honest I don't like the idea of just having money sitting there in the settlement fund.

I want to be investing each month - important to be consistent.  Now I have a lot of financial goals which spreads the money around a bit more than I'd like.  If I am to invest each month, then any purchases of stock needs to be done when I get a tax refund or a bonus of sorts.  The monthly investments will then be just focused on ETFs and mutual funds for the most part.

Ultimately, I'm okay with this.  I don't plan to have that many individual stocks anyway.  

Back to today.  I purchased 5 shares of my global REIT ETF (VNQI), 2 shares each of my dividend ETFs (VYM and VYMI), and then tossed in the remaining $95 into my Energy mutual fund.  Sexy it ain't but I'm hoping it will do the job and that in 10 years (oops almost 9 years now) I can look back and see some nice balances.

I tallied up the figures and as of 9/30, I invested just over $8K.  I think that's impressive.  It is money that could have been dribbled away here and there.  The goal is to invest $100K in 10 years or an average of $10K/year.  I'd say I'm well on my way :-)

I'm behind on my savings goals so will need to ramp that up in the coming years.  I was OK with this since I thought it was more important to put money into the stock market.  I still agree with this but know that a bit more needs to be going towards the savings starting in January.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Housekeeping Update

Hello again!    I have updated my pages as best I can.  I need to make some savings account transfers in the next week and today I set up a transfer of funds (about $600) to my brokerage account.  I am going to buy some stock next month so will not make a purchase this month so that I can accumulate a bit of funds there.

(Side note - oh the stock market is hitting my accounts hard lately.  I'm trying very hard to not think about it.  Focus on the long-term Pru!)

Mortgage will be paid this week as well.

Unfortunately, I have not been reading as many financial articles/posts as I would like.  I am suffering from Election 2016 and am inhaling everything I can at this moment and it is affecting my ability to sleep and concentrate.  Actually had a nightmare last week - I don't want either Trump or a Clinton in the White House.  (Ugh to be an American right now...)

Onwards and upwards I hope.  Need to focus on getting back to watching the pennies and saving/investing as much as I can!

Hope everyone is doing well!